Frequently Asked Questions

Kitsap Online's FAQs

Who is KitsapOnline?
We are the Kitsap Area's original buy local organization. Our focus is to provide advocacy, support and marketing tactics exclusively and solely for Kitsap Locally Owned Business.

Our mission is to bring more business to Kitsap's Locally Owned Businesses. We strongly support locally owned and operated businesses in Kitsap County and the entire Kitsap Peninsula! Locally owned and operated businesses are your neighbors and deserve a shot at your business. We want to strengthen not only local businesses through loyalty, but to help rebuild a strong, vibrant and unique KITSAP!
How does KitsapOnline help the community?
We help the community to know and befriend locally owned businesses and organizations. It seems obvious that we do business where we perceive that we receive the best value for our time and money. Perceptions, however, are not always accurate when we are lacking some of the essential information for fully informed decisions. We see and hear the omnipresent ads of corporate chains everyday, but are collectively under-informed about the many important values independent businesses provide us individually and as a community. We want to help nurture a vigorous citizenship and build a more vibrant and economically stronger community.
How can I help?
There are many ways you can help. Volunteer, donate, and most of all buy from locally owned and operated businesses!

We provide information on our site to help you know and learn about the local businesses and the people behind that business. After all, they are our neighbors, and we are thiers. While our social environment has lead us away from knowing our neighbors, we feel that by knowing your neighbors builds a stronger bond and thereby a safer and stronger neighborhood. Our hope is to rebuild the camaraderie that our communities have lost.

Local Businesses

  • Bicycle-Works


    Located in the heart of the Manette business district, just over the Manette Bridge in Bremerton. Bicycle-Works specializes in all makes and models of bikes. We work very hard ... » Read more...

  • The Bridge Deli & Coffee Co.

    The Bridge Deli & Coffee Co.

    Located in the heart of the Manette business district, just over the Manette Bridge in Bremerton. Featuring the finest ingredients available, including Boar's Head meats and ... » Read more...