Be A Localist

Changing the way our local economy can improve starts with a single person. It starts with you! We have come to the understanding that change can only occur when promoting local prosperity begins at the local level. We believe that connecting the community, entrepreneurs and local business owners, who are willing to re-think their current understanding of economics and prosperity, and investing in the local economy movement, we can — and will — create a stronger, more resilient, and equitable economy where we all can improve our lives and our community.

We want to create a business and community alliance that consists of community values. Together we can build our local area community's economies, area by area, business by business. Real prosperity starts with each one of us!

Underlying all our work is a strong belief in “Prosperity for All.” The foundation of a new economy is an equitable society that values everyone. Localists know this requires working on multiple fronts. We focus on what we call the Essential Four.

  • Local First
    Increasing demand for locally owned, made and grown businesses, goods and services. We shift the community focus towards purchasing from locally owned business first.
  • DIY Entrepreneurs
    Sharing lessons learned from 'Do It Yourself' entrepreneurs who look for entrepreneurial opportunities to make, grow and serve their own community – whether it's vegetables, furniture or energy. Showcasing the business models for economic self-reliance, we offer a national offering of Localist success stories.
  • Community Capital
    Unleashing local money to finance healthy, diversified local economies. Featuring promising new models in crowdfunding, community supported enterprise, triple bottom line banking, local investment clubs, and so many more ways to connect your local businesses with local lenders, investors and donors.
  • Better Together
    There is no such thing as a ‘sustainable business’ in isolation. Learn about the best models for linking local businesses to leverage purchasing power, policy change, sustainable impact, marketing dollars and more. By working together we can accomplish so much more.

Rather than the old saying of "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" we have modified it to: "United We Succeed, Divided We Fail."

Join us in trying to build a stronger and better community!

Ways you can help and support us:

KitsapOnline is an autonomous organization, supported through private donations, membership dues, donations, bequests, and various fundraising events.

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Make a donation
You can make a difference today just by doing what you do but in a more inventive way. Do you want to make a donation to an organization that will stretch every dollar to follow their mission? If you wish you can ask for your donation to go to a specific project. Make a donation of any amount by using the DONATE button on this page.
Volunteer your time
Do you have some free time on your hands? Become a volunteer. If you are an artist and can help us with graphics, or if you would like to write an article about something related to the cause or the community, we could use your help with graphics, area photo's, stories, research, or marketing. Your time could help build KitsapOnline and the community. Become a localist!
Become a Monthly Supporter
If you would like to set up a standing order you can become a "Monthly Supporter" using the subscribe form. Gifts made in this way help us plan the future of our services.
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Become a Sustaining Member
Please support our effective work in the local community and help us to maintain the achieved program with the various educational courses for young and old. A sustaining membership is the easiest and most effective way to support our cause to help build a better and more prosperous community.
Advertise with us
You can help us grow and spread the word of your business by advertising on our site. The money you spend on advertising on our site, helps us to increase our marketing potential in promoting the community and you.
Use our paid services
We have a number of paid services and we’re adding more all the time. Our referral program also helps our clients know; so by clicking on our clients sites, or making a purchase from them, and letting them know that you found them on our site or through our different media campaigns will also help us show them that we are working to help them.
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